Quit wasting my air (soulsight) wrote in u_of_cincy,
Quit wasting my air

Casting Call

I'm casting for my degree project, a short horror film. The film is about Jack the Ripper who is alive and well in modern America. It is estimated to be about 15 minutes long. I still have four roles that need to be filled.

Two female roles. Both are speaking parts (one is present throughout the film). Both roles are for prostitutes, so both women need to be attractive. The woman present throughout the film must have a sort of innocent look about her. My makeup artist makes the following declaration:

"Female actors must provide their own foundation, powder and mascara for sanitary reasons. Spreading eye funk is gross. And it had BETTER MATCH! They better not show up with makeup that doesnt match their skin tone."

So please, be choosy about what you bring. Because a happy makeup artist is a makeup artist I don't have to deal with.

There are also two male roles available. Both are essentially hired muscle. One of these is a minor speaking role. A larger build is preferable, though not necessary. If you have the heroin junkie look, I can live with that. Makeup should be limited to a basic blot powder, which will be provided. Must be comfortable with handling firearms (blank shooters).

To arrange an audition, please send headshots and resumes (along with availability) to soulsightstudios@hotmail.com.

If cast, costuming will be provided as you probably don't want to ruin your own clothes in a bloody death scene. Shooting is scheduled to begin in 2-3 weeks. Cast must be avaiable for weekends. Some weeknights with notice. I'd like to have shooting completed before Spring Break if at all possible.

The project is non-union/non-paying, but cast and crew will receive copy and credit. And I know better than to not feed the troops.
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